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disgusting [Sep. 26th, 2008|11:05 am]

this is just foul.
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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2008|08:42 am]
[Current Music |Joy Division - Dead Souls]

I must say, Dr. Hill, I'm very disappointed in you.
You steal the secret of life and here you are trysting with
a bubble-head co-ed. You're not even a second rate scientist.

is re-animator

I can't understand a single word you say with that hat on.

is big bad love

in real news.. meh? finish my first 2 tests. set the pace for the rest of the school year for me. just need to finish these two classes then i'm in the clear to courses that only have to deal with my degree. which will be nice as they are so easy for me.

erin gave me a key to her place.. so whatever that means. for her i think it was a big deal. the only time i've used it so far was to lock her out of her own place ;)
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stolen what movies are these? [Feb. 15th, 2008|12:26 pm]

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little angsty story [Jun. 29th, 2007|02:36 pm]
[Current Music |Menomena - My My]

got bored wrote this.

thanks to katie for proof reading it parts of it.

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Menomena [Jun. 20th, 2007|08:54 am]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[Current Music |Menomena]

jus tpicked up thier new CD. It's pretty good. i love thier videos (first three).

Wet and Rusting

Cough Coughing

Rotten Hell


Muscle’n Flo

Air Aid
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24 weeks later [Jun. 14th, 2007|09:23 am]
[Current Music |The Kinks- Sunday Afternoon]

It’s been 24 weeks since I have posted anything. That is not to say my posts before that had been anything, because really I hadn’t been posting or saying ~anything~ for a while. So eh, update for those that care, are bored, e-stalking, or whatever.

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Fixing a laptop [Dec. 29th, 2006|01:29 pm]
soooooo anyone know how to fix a laptop... that had wine spilt in it?
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Digital Camera and stuff [Dec. 27th, 2006|10:41 am]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Current Music |TV on the Radio]

I'm looking into getting a digital camera. I don't know shit about them so i was wondering if anyone out there knew some good websites that i could do some reading up on, or even had some suggestions on the camera it's self.

- ~$500.
- use batteries not rechargeable.
- cheap memory or be useable in other items I might purchase.
- it doesn't need a ton of features just needs to take nice pictures.
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totally stolen [Dec. 18th, 2006|06:11 pm]

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits:
13th Floor Elevators- Slip inside this house

Waking Up:
Marilyn Manson- Another Brick in the Wall

First Day At School:
Godspeed You Black Emperor!- Sleep

Falling In Love:
Pretty Girls Make Graves- Blue Lights

Fight Song:
GZA- Shadow Boxing

Breaking Up:
Weezer- Holiday

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Tick

Life's OK:
Kids of Widney High- Santas in a Wheelchair

Mental Breakdown:
Okkerville River- Oh Precious

Ludacris- Move Bitch

Trick Daddy- Sugar

Getting Back Together:
White Stripes- I Can’t Wait

Ministry- New World Order

Birth of Child:
Red Elvises- Your Love is Killing Me

Final Battle:
Nelly- Hot in Herre

Death Scene:
Bus Driver- Imaginary Places

Funeral Song:
Requiem For A Dream (the whole sound track)

End Credits:
Radio Head- Sulk

The Dresden Dolls- Good Day
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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2006|11:52 am]
[Current Mood |dorkydorky]

i got illegals in my bum. *whimper*
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so f*ing scary [Sep. 19th, 2006|12:52 pm]
[Current Mood |scaredscared]
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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2006|11:40 am]
Pudding… discuss.
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myspace [Aug. 9th, 2006|04:43 pm]
some of you have myspace things... send them to me so i can look a them too please ;)
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Val [May. 11th, 2006|10:36 am]
[Current Music |Dresden Dolls- Coin Operated Boy]

Val I'll being coming to Houston tomorrow. I'll need your couch for sleeping, unless you've finally come to your senses and realised we need to take our relationship to the next "level." ;)

Katie if you have any interest let me know... the comeing to Houston part I mean... er... well.. never mind... all parts.

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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2006|09:49 am]
[Current Music |Wolfmother- Apple Tree]

Wolfmother plays at the parish on sunday. It will be awesome. people should come and join me.

Other music i have been listening to...
Dresden Dolls
Arctic Monkeys
Pretty Girls Make Graves
Rihanna- SOS <---Guilty pleasure
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moving [Apr. 3rd, 2006|04:40 pm]
[Current Music |APC Blue]

we are moving in 2 or 3 weeks. from 216 to 215... around the corner and thro the bend...
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(no subject) [Feb. 21st, 2006|05:03 pm]
[Current Music |DangerDoom Sofa King]

Feds try to torture him for the secret recipe
He said it’s no use know I only know half
No speaka tha English I only do the math
He felt no pain
his brain was saturated with cocain and rogain
He said try scam no thing recorded
Fly man go for bling he got bleed
Eye jam over sting see spots red
I am sofa king retarded
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(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2006|02:02 pm]
[Current Music |NMH- King of carrot flowers]

Ben Heather post your news so people know. Otherwise I will tell them.
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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2006|09:07 am]
[Current Music |DangerDoom- Sofa King]

Busy with work.

I'll be in Houston all week. Val expect a call or two ;)

Katie hook me up with them digets yo i needs ta call you
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Bored [Jan. 9th, 2006|11:31 am]
[Current Music |Tricky]

Bored at work... tell me what these words bring to mind. What to you see after reading them.

1. Fond nights of memories lost in a wake of absence.
2. Juxtaposed delusions hemorrhaged from umbral fluids
3. Nervous quakes of patience
4. Metronome hearts of gleeless harmony
5. Hypothesized quests for enlightenment through homogenized cancer
6. Perished dreams of sofa kingdoms at sea
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What's that sound? [Dec. 30th, 2005|09:31 am]
[Current Music |One white girl 5 black cocks]

So I am sitting here at work doing my thing, looking like I’m getting something done while not. Phone rings, I pause my music to talk with this Fire Marshal about the finer points of Code 3.65.07 for NFPA 101. Every now and again I keep hearing this strange moaning sound coming from else where in the office. I ignore it finish up my conversation and go back to what I was doing previously.

Few minutes pass and I start to hear this feminine moaning sound again… then some thing male... My first instinct this be a place of work it that someone other then me likes to listen to strange ass music... cuz I’m picking up hints of a bass line.

I go to investigate… only to find a woman's rare facing me with about five extremely well endowed men surrounding her “getting it on”

Now... WHAT THE FUCK!!! I have heard of people watching porn while at work. But I thought it was a myth. I mean who in their right mind is fucking dumb enough to look at porn while at fucking work. You feeling a little randy? Fine go to the fucking bathroom or home for an early lunch and squeeze one off. But my lord how fucking retarded do you have to be to look at porn while at work? Much less loud enough for other people to hear! Get god damn ear phones or use the fucking mute button!

I think I am mostly offended by the fact it was bad porn and something I couldn’t get into.
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x-mas fun [Dec. 27th, 2005|12:42 pm]
[Current Mood |in pain ;(]
[Current Music |Matisyahu- King Without a Crown]

Uhg… so I wrecked an ATV (4 wheeler) on x-mas. Flipped it a few times… into a ditch… took out some trees. It threw me 30 – 40 feet... I got some scrapes and will probly have some bruises soon. I think I might have pulled a few muscles got a little pain in my back.

It was actually kind fun. Eye opening… falling down getting back up type thing. So yeah other then that x-mas was nice.
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following suite [Dec. 21st, 2005|10:29 am]
1. Store Manager
2. Warehouse Manager
3. AutoCAD Operator
4. Design Engineer

1. Mall Rats
2. Dazed and Confused
3. Gross Point Blank
4. can't think of another

1. Houston, TX
2. Denton, TX
3. Austin, TX
4. that is it.

1. Stargate
2. Battlestar Galactic
3. CSI
4. Lost

1. Dublin, Ireland
2. Paris, France
3. London, England
4. San Diego, CA


1. Gumbo
2. Roast Lamb
3. Hot and Sour soup
4. Sushi

1. Playing WoW
2. in my dreams
3. eating bacon
4. Curled up next to someone warm
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.....and then from nog [Nov. 30th, 2005|03:21 pm]
[Current Music |rhapsody]

10 Firsts:
- first best friend: Kevin Ham
- first screename: Morbius
- first kiss: 9
- first pet: Some type of snake or rabbit
- first piercing: Nose, did it my self have a scar
- first crush: Elizabeth have looked like snow white but with bigger tits
- first CD: Pearl Jam Ten
- first car: 1985 Toyota Celica (it never ran tho)
- first love: Sha
- first date: 16

9 Lasts:
- last cigarette: January 2005, Camel Light
- last alchoholic drink: Oozo with Nog in DC
- last car ride: From home on lunch
- last real kiss: Last Night
- last movie seen: Bill Hicks Revelations
- last phone call: My Boss
- last CD played: Burned CD of pirated music
- last bubble bath: uuhhh… not sure if I have ever had one.
- last time you cried: When my grandfather died

8 Have You Evers:
- have you ever been arrested: uumm.. like 6 times
- have you ever dated one your best friends: Yes
- have you ever skinny dipped: yes
- have you ever been on TV: nope
- have you ever kissed someone & then regretted it: a few times
- have you ever had a sex dream about someone you knew?: nope never had one
- have you ever snuck out: to many times
-have you ever been in a fight: plenty

7 Things You're Wearing: 2 nipple rings, 2 shoes, 2 socks, 2 shirts, 1 underwear, 1 pants.

6 Things You've Done Today: Hated work, Played on the internet, took a long lunch, drove to a fire marshal, worked, and wished I wasn’t at work

5 Favorite Things In No Particular Order: Austin, boobies, music, AutoCAD, Art

4 People You Can Tell Anything To:
Val, Jason, Erin, myself

3 Choices:
Coke or Pepsi: DP
Chinese or Italian: Italian
Sex or Sleep: Sleep

2 Things You Want to Do Before You Die:
Have a Legacy, be truly happy in love (i.e. find the soulmate)

1 thing you regret:
I have no regrets.
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CDs [Nov. 17th, 2005|09:43 am]
[Current Music |Okkerville River- Black]

I am burning a shit load of music for my trip back home. I want to know what everyone likes to listen to while driving.

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JANEKA!! [Nov. 17th, 2005|09:36 am]
[Current Music |Okkerville River- For Real]

e-mail me. I needs your phone numba so i can call you this weekend. I think i still have it and the right one, but I'm not sure.
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lemmings [Nov. 15th, 2005|10:16 am]
[Current Music |Comets on Fire]

create your own visited states map
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Vacation [Nov. 14th, 2005|04:58 pm]
[Current Music |Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah]

Ok.. so first vacation i get in the last year and 1/2. of ocurs ei have to spend most of it in a rush to get back home... but more then likely i'll be calling on wed which will also get me thursday and friday off for thanksgiving.

Ok basic plan is this.

Friday morning 5:00am-11:30am
Austin to Houston then to Philly.

Friday afternoon 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Get car, take care of registration, spend time with family.

Friday evening
Drive to Strouberg (sp?) PA. Stay with Steve hang out with others.

Saturday morning/noonish
Go to breakfast with Steve and others.

Saturday Afternoon
Drive to DC

Saturday Evening
Stay with Nog have party, get Nog laid (per brian’s request)

Sunday Morning – Afternoon
Drive to Atlanta (long ass drive)

Sunday Afternoon – Evening
Hang out with Al and hopefully see the wonderful Jeneka too.

Monday Morning
Drive to Savanna see school and other sites

Monday Afternoon
Drive to Jacksonville see Sue, Jimi, and Liam.

After that it is just kind of drive home and whatever ;)
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ggrr.. [Nov. 11th, 2005|03:46 pm]
[Current Music |Comets of Fire]

once agian my LJ is doing the really fucking annouying thing were it's updateing everyones posts..


hotpockets... Hot in the name for a reason
Free Image Hosting at
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(no subject) [Nov. 1st, 2005|11:19 am]
[Current Music |Bus Driver- Map your Psyche]

getting a new car. i have to go pick it up in philly in 3 weeks or so. nogg i am comeing to stay a night with you. others lets me know if you are on the way. Jeneka i know you are hopefully we can ge together. Sue, i think i pass thro jacksonville, or really close, if so you, jimi, and liam might have to buy me lunch.
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test [Sep. 20th, 2005|12:59 am]
[Current Music |Kaiser Chiefs- Oh My God]

Hehe... this test is kinda far off... questions are not ones i like that much...

In truth thought my thoughts on politics are broken down two ways... neither on which is fully formed by any means...

One is what we have and working with in that. The other is what I would want things to be.

For what we have... I think the government needs to stay the fuck out of our lives. We do not need all the laws telling us what is right and wrong. If it is ok to have an abortion if it is ok to fuck another guy in the butt... these are personal choices. Other the other side the government really needs to stay away from the church. And actually make no law regarding it what so ever (note: I hate organized religion with a passion and I don't just mean Christians, I hate Wicca, Buddhist, and any organized religion). The constitution says I can have a gun... let me have my fucking gun. If I own a piece of land it is mine. I don't give a fuck if this bird is the last one does not make laws that affect me and the decisions I make. Even if they are retarded.

Then there is what I would like to see things ass... which well... i'll keep to myself... bill hicks said it better then i could anyways... "We are all of one consciousness we are all of one mind."

w/o further adue

You are a

Social Liberal
(83% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(11% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating
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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2005|11:42 am]
[Current Music |APC- Blue]

Work till 9:30 pm(I get off work at 5pm) Friday night… then drove to San Antonio Saturday to drop off some plans… The guy there is like a real life gnome/dwarf type person. I was so freaky. I kept on wanting to pick him up and do a little dance with him. It would have been awesome.

I just over heard someone say “I’m trying to disrupt the karma of silence” here at work. I laugh, it was great.

I tried not to have a soda today… already failed.

There should be more I could tell you all... but I don’t think there really is. I’m boring. ;)
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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2005|09:50 am]
[Current Music |CSN Long Time Gone]

Pedro has returned after a month or so vacation.

A really good friend of Redman and mine has come to visit, Al. We will be looking for various activities to keep him occupied while in town. I think there was some mention of Kung Fu happy hour tonight and then club tomorrow night. No clue what else will be going on. 2 nights downtown don't sound that fun to me.. but whatever.

Work is a hassle. To much to do and not enough energy to even stay awake most of my time here. Think i need to look at gonig to bed earlier and setting time to go to bed.
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Wow that was allot of fun [Aug. 19th, 2005|11:55 am]
[Current Mood |hungryEAT BEEF!]
[Current Music |Modest Mouse- Cowboy Dan]


1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )
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Lemmings [Aug. 18th, 2005|11:55 am]
[Current Music |Bus to Beelzebub- Soul Coughing]

10 years ago... I was a boy with a heart of gold.
5 years ago... I was in the second worst relationship of my life
1 year ago... I was in the worst relationship of my life
Yesterday... I had lunch with Jason
5 snacks I enjoy... Hot Sauce, jalapeno poppers, pussy, Tomatoes w/ cheese and salt, Deviled Eggs.
5 songs I know all the words to... Tales of Brave Ulysses- Cream, Push it- TOOL, Natural One- Folk Implosion, Say it Aint So- Weezer, Perfect Day- Velvet Underground
5 things I would do with 100 million dollars.... Buy a house across the street from my dad to show him I’m better then him. Accrue as much debt as possible and pay it off, Spend money on friends, spend money on family, Live comfortably.
5 places I would run away to... Cabin in the woods with water nearby, Lovers arms, My mind, The road, home.
5 things I would never wear... Metal in my dong, My heart on my sleeve, Prosthetic forehead on my real head, Trench Coat, Bell Bottoms
5 fave TV shows... Bullshit, SG-1, SG Atlantis, Battlestar Galactic, The 4400
5 bad habits... Chewing my lip, Dwelling, Miscomprehension, Breaking boundaries, Sleeping
5 biggest joys... My friends, Belly rubs, Warm arms, Laughing, talking one on one.
5 favorite toys... Belly Button, Nipple Rings, Internet, Stereo, uumm… Val’s toy? Err. No wait I got noth’n
5 people to tag: huh?
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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2005|04:41 pm]
[Current Music |Muddy Waters- Champagne and Reefer]

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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2005|12:30 pm]
[Current Music |Radio Head- The Bends]

I need a new program to DL all my "illegal" music and movies. What are all the cool kids useing now adays?
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Poker up front licker in the rear. [Aug. 3rd, 2005|08:54 am]
[Current Music |Okkerville River- Dead Dog Song]

Played poker last night at Jason's (centerfold). $10 buy in 6 people playing. Walked away with $31.60 so half the available pot. I threw away at least one hand to get people to bet and lost around $10. It was fun.
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Ramble ramble [Aug. 1st, 2005|03:49 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |Peter Gabriel- Games Without Frontiers]

I was told the other day that I never actually post anything journal worthy in here. Only stuff I observe that really has nothing to do with ~me~.

So let’s see…

Work- It is boring. It is full of office politics which I don’t care for to much. I’m getting paid an ok amount. I’d like to make more, but, without a college degree I’m in a pretty good place with plenty of space to move. It is just hard to “get into” fire alarm codes.

Roommate- Things are good with Redman. We get along just fine and both keep up with our ends of things. I think my only complaint would be that he can work from home so he is there a decent amount of time. So I get very little Wes time (read: get naked and dance around). This month is supposed to be a very busy time for him though and he claims he will be in the office allot. So I’m getting my leg warmers ready.

Woman- Kris is gone. I’m over that now. It was a good move cuz I do not have to deal with all that any more. Lots of tension and just kind of depressing. Other then that, I’m not sure where I am at. I haven’t had time to think all that out. I’m constantly second guessing my feelings of attraction. Its like buys remorse. I see a girl I like and I’m all ohh and aahhs… then later I feel bad about it. Ok rambles... stopping

Smoking- Still not smoking cigs. So seven months down? I gained a little weight. But I got a gym membership… which means I’ve automaticly lost a few pounds… right? Hhmm... Need "workout" clothing, ohh and it gives me an excuse to buy a new MP3 player. Anyone know of a good one?

School- I haven’t been going the last 2 or 3 semesters. I need to go back.

Family- Hilary is pregnant (yes she knows who the father is; first question everyone asks), haven’t talked to Mere, is presumably doing good on her methadone treatment. Dad seems good. Mom is in the middle of her $40k tooth work.

Ok there that is all you get. I spell checked cuz I am so nice ;)
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silly me... [Jul. 29th, 2005|08:35 am]
[Current Music |Beck- Loser]

1st.. I'm not spell checking. Deal.

I got a jim membership... er.. wait.. gym... yes much better ;) not sure why. figured I might try see how it goes.

New books...
Slaughter-House-Five by Kurt Vonnegut
The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon
Tlooth by Harry Mathews
Cigarettes by Harry Mathews

I've read Cigarettes before, so i let Santeford borrow it. I don't think he will get it. I think Katie and Brandi would get it and others would enjoy it. Its really fun to read.. Wonderful characters. it was also written during his Oulipo phase.

Also got a Cd from the Ratatata and Bleach03. But, after looking for CDs last night i realized i'm running out of ideas on what to listen to. Anyone have any bands they have found to be good as of late? For frame of referance i have been listening to Arcadie Fire, Decemberist, and Nuetral Milk Hotel. Some somthing that isn't them or sound like them would be nice.
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Family Values [Jul. 27th, 2005|03:08 pm]
[Current Music |Weezer- Say It Ain't So]

What ever happened to being innocent until proven guilty. This is the type of shit that really pisses me off.
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ok ok ok ok... the best part is... [Jul. 26th, 2005|08:48 am]
[Current Music |Kelly Clarkson ;)]

This is on I like how they present this like they have never done this. Please, this is why music today sucks. EVERY radio station does this. Ok.. maybe not NPR or some tiny local get up. Anyways here you go.
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Your all brainwashed fools. [Jul. 25th, 2005|05:51 pm]
The Expatriate
Achtung! You are 23% brainwashworthy, 27% antitolerant, and 14% blindly patriotic
Congratulations! You are not susceptible to brainwashing, your values and cares extend beyond the borders of your own country, and your Blind Patriotism ("patriotism" for short) does not reach unhealthy levels. In Germany in the 30s, you would've left the country.

One bad scenario -- as I hypothetically project you back in time -- is that you just wouldn't have cared one way or the other about Nazism. Maybe politics don't interest you enough. But the fact that you took this test means they probably do. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt.

Did you know that many of the smartest Germans departed prior to the beginning of World War II, because they knew some evil shit was brewing? Brain Drain. Many of them were scientists. It is very possible you could be one of them, depending on your age.

Conclusion: Born and raised in Germany in the early 1930's, you would not have been a Nazi.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 22% on brainwashworthy

free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 37% on antitolerant

free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 11% on patriotic
Link: The Would You Have Been a Nazi Test written by jason_bateman on Ok Cupid
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I'm bored [Jul. 25th, 2005|12:26 pm]
[Current Mood |hornyhorny]
[Current Music |Morphine- The Night]

I didn't want to do this... but fuck it.. i'm bored.

Slippers: wearable everywhere
Hat: nothing
Hard: body
Free: thought
Space: between us
Taste: good
Good Charlotte: throw up
Red: artireal spray
Deep: wound
Heart: break
Cord: note
Cheese: doesn’t wear me
Rain: acid
Work: sucks
Pedal: away
Head: case
Bed: yum
Fluff: blow job
Hardcore: rap
Race: way
Knife: back
Jump: 21

am: sleepy
want: sleep
need: sleep
crave: sleep
love: sleep
hate: no clean jeans
did: it in the butt
feel: happy
miss: warmth
am annoyed by: people
would rather: be sleeping
am tired of: sleeping
will always: sleep
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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2005|01:09 pm]
V for vedetta looks pretty cool

not as cool as serenity thought
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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2005|03:21 pm]
[Current Music |Talking Heads- Psyco Killer]

It is to hot out. Sitting in traffic doesn’t help either. That sickly feeling that makes you want to fall asleep right there behind the wheel and makes you more and more aware how long the drive really is. If the a/c worked it would be better, but it doesn’t so you’re stuck with the windows down, sun beating in. This makes things worse. The swift breathes of exhaust from the assholes that do get to move. Then the smell of heated petrol rising off the recently tarred pavement. Like some ancient dinosaurs that has a grudge against you and has been waiting all these years just so he could make your day a little worse. I hate the fucking heat.
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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2005|08:56 am]
[Current Music |Liquid Swords]

stolen from da_diva

The Sci Fi Channel has picked up the rights to Joss Whedon's "space Western" -- including three episodes never aired on TV -- and will begin airing it Friday, July 22. It will air at 7 p.m. ET, leading into the cable network's lineup of original series -- the two "Stargate" shows and "Battlestar Galactica," which open their new seasons the previous week.

"Firefly's" Sci Fi debut will come about two months before the scheduled release of Universal Pictures' "Serenity," a feature film based on the series written and directed by Whedon ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"). Universal and the Sci Fi Channel are both part of the NBC Universal media conglomerate. Sci Fi picked up the show from Twentieth Television, a News Corp. sibling of the FOX network, where "Firefly" first aired, and 20th Century Fox TV, which produced the series.

Set 500 years from now, "Firefly" follows the crew of a small, vagabond transport ship called the Serenity. Captained by Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), Serenity and its crew are perpetually on the run from the totalitarian Alliance, and Mal often resort to taking extralegal jobs to keep the ship flying.

The show also stars Gina Torres ("Alias," "Angel"), Adam Baldwin ("The Inside"), Morena Baccarin, Alan Tudyk ("Into the West"), Sean Maher ("The $treet"), Summer Glau ("The 4400"), Jewel Staite ("Wonderfalls") and Ron Glass ("Barney Miller"). All of them are reprising their roles in "Serenity."
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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 2005|12:57 pm]
[Current Music |TOOL- H.]

...... i.. just don't know what to say....
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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 2005|09:43 am]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |The Evens- Crude Bomb]

For those that came saturday, thank you.

big love and hugs to Val, she rocks.
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More Birthday stuff [Jun. 8th, 2005|04:45 pm]
[Current Music |Cursive- Staying Alive]

So my sister, neogoddess has taken it upon herself to actully make people so stuff for my birthday... not sure why. She wrote about it here if you are interested.

It is my duty to come up with a place to eat. I'm still trying to figure that out. Bepa Buca (or what ever it is called) doesn't sound bad as they deal with large groups, plus I think most people know how to get there. Meltting Pot is also good for group I hear. But, is a little more expencive. Personally I think other people should pick and surprise me cuz I will eat whatever.

Other then that. I want to thank William and Carol for takeing me out to dinner last night, along with Redman and Jason and Zill. The Uberone made an appearance but The call of Nogg and Magic are more important ;) We watched the Grudge. and... well... Your Mom Goes to College.

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